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For the most part, they worked in accordance with one of Murphy's classic laws, which says that "if a steep porridge is being brewed, then the most important thing is to get off in time"! In their case, the word "flee" can be painlessly replaced by "do not interfere", "disappear" and other synonymous words. This is understandable. They were not given any weapons. Their “victims” were ordinary tipsy people who lost their orientation and understanding of what was happening from alcohol and excitement

And they honed their professional skills on the croupier: at the entrance and exit they forced them to turn out their bags to inspect personal belongings. It was assumed that such "vigilance" would reduce the likelihood of theft. When it came to more serious and “weighty” visitors, the law enforcement officers preferred not to interfere, at best watching the situation from a distance of two or three meters, and pretending that they did not understand or did not hear the command “Fast! ”, meaning the immediate expulsion of a raging and inadequate visitor. In those merry years, firearms lay in the bosom of every second person, and everyone wanted to live ...

So the guards had their own line of conduct that contributed to survival ... Unfortunately, the methods of work of the security service have not changed much over the entire existence of the gambling business. The only major difference is that after 1996 private security companies began to protect gambling establishments. And it could be combined!



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